Veteran’s Day: A Day for Apologies

The military of this empire is larger and more lethal than any other institution in the world. I am not proud of that. I am disgusted by it.

Here’s a headline we should share around today: US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II.


Veterans, I am sorry for what you endured. No one should have to go through that. I don’t know why you signed up (if you were drafted or recruited or excitedly volunteered) but I am here to listen if you need someone and I support you getting the resources you need to cope with ptsd.

Any currently enlisted soldier is directly contributing to seven wars and/or innumerable other actions and stations of empire throughout the globe. Each month the U.S. military kills thousands, including many civilians, often outnumbering the civilian casualties of its adversaries. The discrepancy and overall death toll is increasing under the current administration which also seems hellbent on starting a new war or two.

This churns my stomach.

Soldiers, I implore you to quit. If that means being dishonorably discharged, please get dishonorably discharged.

We used to have a draft, now we rely upon volunteers and exploitative recruitment of the poor and young.

All of these methods repulse me.

Friends, I implore you to not enlist, and to discourage anyone you know who’s considering doing so.

I do not support the wars, I do not support the military, I do not support our troops.

That latter euphemism seeks to distract from the necessary critique of the world’s most destructive force: the United States military.

This holiday seeks to glorify something for which we ought to feel remorse.

We must condemn the wars,
We must condemn the actions of the military,
We must condemn the military as an institution,
We must condemn the systems in place that justify and perpetuate the military,
We must condemn the actions of soldiers, including the decision to be one.

We can not have a military without soldiers.

We need apologies, not medals.

We need restitution, not glorification.

Soldiers, I am sorry.

Veterans, I am sorry.

Friends, I am sorry.

I hope you are too.