What’s This Aboot?

Sometimes we write aboot ideas we consider worth spreading and sometimes we write aboot ourselves. Like a selfie snapped in sepia, today’s blog entry is a wonderfully self-indulgent, self-referencing nugget begging to be bumped down with haste to the dark depths of an ever-shrinking scroll-bar. So if you’d like to hear our newly revised thoughts on us, complete with our favorite links to stuff we wrote, then click that little mousey mouse on this here linky link.

Generally, we aim to help you think about (hopefully important) things in ways you might not have before. And we want to share our experiences with you, to whatever degree that’s possible through cyberspace. That’s right, cyberspace. (Later, we can co-troll a chat room and if your screen name is clever enough, we’ll add you to our Buddy List. Oh, teh lulz. We AIM to please.)

Please don’t hesitate to comment or email us with something almost surely more insightful than the above paragraph, eh?


from Jun’s living room in Chula Vista, CA with a photo from Big Sur


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