Is This Place Revolutionary?

SF Northeast

I look out over the gorgeous, unique, progressive cities of the Bay Area and I wonder, is this place revolutionary? I don’t mean that I’m not sure whether or not the people are plotting an armed uprising against capitalism and/or the state. They’re not, and it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. But, knowing that this area has soundly rejected the Republican Party in favor of the policies and principles of the pro-equality, anti-war, pro-environment, and anti-hate part of the Democrats, I wonder how far it goes.

What portion of the population here supports or would support a fundamental restructuring of our society to end massive global inequality, war profiteering, environmental devastation, mass incarceration, and governance by and for the wealthy and powerful? And what portion is satisfied enough to reject such change, preferring reforms only as long as they’re guaranteed not to challenge their existing privileged and prosperous position? Would they prefer to end poverty or just stop thinking about it, if ending it meant giving up their car, or a third of their income?

I think we’ve encountered some of both in our societal conversations here. But those are anecdotes, with a small sample size and the selection bias of those willing to talk to us, and I don’t think Pew or Gallup or FoxNews has asked people about fundamental societal reconfiguration lately. Any thoughts?

– Adam
written in San Francisco/San Leandro, California
posted in Venice Beach, California

SF City 3 SF Ocean SF Golden Gate


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