Video interview in Eureka, CA!

So we’ve been travelling for two weeks with Jess’s old good friend (and Jesse and my new good friend) Becca. She’s a life coach, whose business is helping people find careers that give them meaning and do something positive for the world. Among other things, she makes videos about following your passions and doing what you believe in. So she interviewed us!

P.S. Can you tell we’re in the middle of the first full week of non-showering in our adult lives? Totally worth it by the way, to camp in and on the gorgeous fields, forests, and coasts of southern Oregon and northern California.



2 thoughts on “Video interview in Eureka, CA!

  1. It was wonderful to meet you on our way to Thunder Bay. It sounds as though you trip is continuing to go well. God go with you in your travels. You are two very special people.

    Susan and Keith Lingwall

    • Thanks again Susan and Keith! Don’t under-estimate your awesomeness either! How was the rest of your trip? Back in Iowa now? Any new ideas on how malleable and/or naturally predisposed to temptation we humans may be? đŸ™‚ -Jesse

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