Jessica Shaw!

is a human who has joined our adventure for the indefinite future! She looks like this:

and talks like a Canadian because she is one. She and Jesse are in love, and it’s very sweet.

Now, let’s watch Jess talk about herself!

Jess: Hello! What Adam said is true, but they say “bag” funny. It seems pretty basic (bah-sic?) to me. Anyway, I am excited to join these two goofballs on what is now our adventure, despite the endless debates about very important issues like how money is bad, vegetarianism is good, and whether to say “taking the time” or “making the time”. Why not just say spending your time? I guess that’s why I’m here now. Yay! Are you excited?

Adam: I am. Here’s another photo.

Let’s post this before Jesse has a chance to make it too long.

party fight

Jess: Good call. Luckily his showers are long too.

– Adam & Jess
A Portland porch in sunny Oregon


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