Hitchhiking in Ontario was a bit rougher (colder and wetter with longer waits) than Québec. But we averted the infamous curse of Wawa and had a string of amazing nights with inspiring people in one of Canada’s most obese provinces.
wawa sign
Ontario’s musical musings began modestly with a homestyle set in a maply decorated Larder Lake living room with John & Maryse.
john and maryse
Then, Thursday night Billy stopped for us at our lamplit perch along 101 west outside Matheson, saved us from a night of moist shivery camping, and made all our Timmins dreams come true. He gifted us a couple big meals and beers.
esm meal
I had butternut squash ravioli. Actually, it’s not likely you care what I ate. Anyway, we got to hang out with the awesome staff and have a sing-along. And we finally have videos of our musical escapades (something we’ve lacked until now)! Behold:

Then we crashed in the shed of awesome bartender, father figure and eh-sayer, Jason, to whom we also hurl bundles of appreciation for the above videos, a bunch of food and Adam’s new coat.Jason TimminsWe’ve spent 19 nights north of the States and we hadn’t slept in a tent in Canada (there was one night of laundro-camping) until last night. Though there’s certainly no shortage of gorgeous options if we get “stuck.”wawa roadLastly, this awesome band I’m hyperlinking right here is comprised of three awesome dudes who put on awesome shows.
eb collage

-Adam & Jesse
from Leopold’s Tavern, Regina, SK — thanks again to Greg and Crystal for helping make us and our tummies happy!


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