Québec! Solidarité!

Merci beaucoup à tous les gens fantastiques qu’ont ouvert ses voitures pour nous prendre quand on est de pus, ses maisons pour nous laisser rester avec eux, ses cuisines pour nous nourrir et ses bouches pour parler avec nous sur la vie, son pays ou l’anti-capitalisme. On aime Québec pourquoi vous avez nous montrer son côté meilleur. On veut être en contact avec tous vous. Ça post de blog est en anglais pourquoi notre français encore est risible (malgré on essaie), mais donnez-nous un an et on va parler et écrire un français très beau…on espère.
Québec countryside
And the third country of the trip is…Québec! And it’s amazing. Our introduction was a series of fun hitches up from super progressive Burlington, VT to Montréal. Particularly exciting: while waiting in the increasing darkness of the construction zone of an on-ramp to Autoroute 15 (everything is under construction in Québec at all times), we got picked up by a couple of girls and a guy, probably high school-aged, who spoke no English. My couple hours of studying French before we left was…insufficient…and we ended up getting dropped off at the high-speed interchange where they were switching autoroutes to head home. It turns out, however, that Quebecois will pick you up pretty much anywhere. In fact, hitchhiking here so far has been significantly easier than in the states.
Adam hitching in Québec
People are also more likely to know about José Mujica and lots of other (good and bad) things happening outside their national border.mujica felizSince leaving Vermont, we’ve spent six nights in Montréal with Alexie, Jade & Philip, two in Québec (City) with Cynthia & Nico, and three in Gatineau with Jo, across the river from our second ever national capital, Ottawa. 49.4% of Quebeckers might say we visited their national capital in Le Ville de Québec.

Quebec city
We’ve had so many great conversations about activism, anti-capitalism, and life, and learned a lot about the way Canada, like the United States, has turned to the right in recent decades. In Québec, the nationalist Parti Quebecois ran against the Liberal Party’s university tuition hikes and health care taxes…and then kept them, in only marginally weakened forms. We’re still working through the contradiction of a place with a vibrant leftist portion of the population, but whose three biggest parties all support policies that move the province to the right. And Canada’s electoral system, by the way, is terrible, much like the United States’, maybe worse. Yet all the police brutality and frustrating politics don’t keep people from hitting the streets in the struggle for positive change.
I am free
Anyway, we LOVE it here. The people are so friendly, and even trying our little bit of laughably pronounced French has been really appreciated. I wish foreigners and immigrants in the U.S. were equally appreciated as they work through their English. We’ll be leaving Québec soon, but we’ve altered our route to first head north toward Val d’Or and Rouyn-Noranda, so we can stay in the province a bit longer.
A biêntot!

– Adam (& Jesse)


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