Golden Hills, Foggy Hills

Hey y’all,

Given the absurd gap in time between our previous post and today, and especially given my failure to follow through on my aforementioned commitment to posting more and soon, I wanted to slap up an update, even if it’s a dry one, even if I’m too tired to assure that what I say comes out well. Baha. Look at how long that sentence was, right? And so many commas! And now I’m starting all my sentences with and like some whacked out Finnish guy!

Okay, so we’re currently in northern California, we being Adam and yours truly. Our latest and present hosts are the tremendous human beings commonly referred to as Tony & Acacia. Their Bay Area flat here in Novato, twenty minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge coming from San Francisco,  is dreamy.

But before I explain any more logistics, I believe I promised more, better, more-better photos of cacti. So here ’em be, now and sprinkled throughout the remainder of this entry…
Massive Saguaro
Cactus Sol
So after all the cacti viewing west of Texas, Adam and I arrived via automobile in Imperial Beach, CA (basically San Diego) where Laura flew in by magical aerobus to meet us. Wonderful romps ’round the sandy beaches and nearby mountains ensued, accumulating the last of the 10,217 miles we added to the car’s odometer. Then we gifted the Buick to Laura after an elaborate assessment of our stuff and a cleaning of the ol’ gold (or tan as Adam likes to say) colored vessel.
Cactus Phallus
I accompanied Laura for the delightful, somewhat hasty, motor-powered, rubber-wheeled roll 3,000 or so miles back to Athens, GA. There, Mark and I reconvened. Now down to no more than we can carry on our backs, Mark and I aimed west via foot and thumb, for what seemed would be a cakewalk across the country but proved to be anything but. Twelve days later, the three amigos were reassembled near the border where Mark finally got to swipe his Mexican v-card (me now being an old hat with three previous visits under my belt). After some time recuperating and indulging in San Diego, its residents, and its nearby waters, we all began the walk-n-hitch up the coast toward Vancouver.
Majestic Cacti
In Los Angeles, more accurately Venice Beach, Mark decided to hang back while Adam and I make our Canadian loop. We will reconvene somewhere in/around Baja California in the near-ish future, but for now Adam and I have our sights set on the beloved Barrefest in Massachusetts, and then sweet, sweet, maple-syrupy Canadia. Oh yes, a formidable stretch of pavement shall be covered by these here thumbs before we finally bid farewell to our homeland in favor of otros países.
Nubby Cacti
So, writing… I’ve been doing lots of writing, especially obsessive documenting of cities and towns we visit, the people we meet, and the places we sleep. There’s some journal stuff you most certainly won’t see before its juicy bits are plucked and edited, but from which I will very likely pull for future posts at some point. I’ve also got a handful (or three) of unfinished stories – accounts of notable experiences (Calvin in Paris, a night in Tijuana, a tornado in Arkansas) – that oughta make their way up here sooner than later (I hope). And there’s an ever-growing list of thoughtful nuggets being chewed over, digested, and rehashed on the daily. I’m also trying to coax a guest entry or two from any of the numerous folks who’ve already accompanied us at various points along the road.
Adam y Cactus
Jesse y Cactus
Side note: This writing and posting business has become much more complicated now that we’re operating sans-computers. Anyone got a super-lightweight netbook with functional wifi capabilities they want to gift us? That’d certainly help. Oh, the shame. Alternatively, we might do well to make a more concerted effort to utilize libraries’ and friends’ computers for posting entries, even if only wee entries like this in between our lengthy diatribes.
Eastward Cactus
But speaking of lengthy diatribes, I’m now entering day four of editing a pretty epic post. One that I would fancy as important, and will hopefully, arguably emerge as one of our best posts. The plan (oh plans, how you help me mock me) is to make sure it’s up before we depart this lovely abode. And we depart this lovely abode on Saturday.
Westward Cactus
For now, sleep’s probably not the dumbest thing for me to attempt (again). Especially considering this turned into a bit of a lengthy diatribe itself after I declared brevity.


Cactus Lovin'
Man, I love cacti.