Mike and Emily

My friend Mike from Fitchburg was 17 years old and got into an argument with his mother, Emily. So he walked out of their apartment and got on a bus to see his grandmother in Leominster, the town immediately to the south. Then he realized he was stuck there, indefinitely, and wouldn’t see his mother again for years. He couldn’t come back to Fitchburg, and if she went to Leominster she’d also be stuck there and separated from her husband and her other two kids. So she went back to her job as a paralegal.

Of course, I’m lying. That would NEVER happen. His name is Carlos and hers is Fabiola. His grandmother lives in Tijuana and her college education has her cleaning rich people’s mansions’ toilets. You and we made this happen. Whether we did it with our vote, our not bothering to vote, or our decision not to do anything the other 364 days of the year, there is now a giant fucking fence and a bunch of poor saps with guns to make sure human beings can’t cross an imaginary line in a northward direction.
But now, YOU and WE have a chance to change this situation in a pretty fundamental way. With pressure from people like everyone and anyone, this year our Congress will pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. It will issue visas to all non-criminal undocumented people in the U.S., ending years of living in fear of detention, deportation, and separation for over 11 million people. It’ll provide some sort of (probably long and onerous) path to citizenship, avoiding the creation of a permanent underclass and involving a lot more people in the collective project of creating a more democratic, just, and sustainable society. And hopefully it’ll make it significantly easier for more people to move to this country freely and legally. What kind of world is it where my t-shirts can come from Honduras but my friends can’t?

So this will happen, if we make it. Republicans in the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” have already agreed “in principle” to the legalizing visas and, just last week, to the path to citizenship. But we still have to get enough votes in the Republican controlled House of Representatives. So write your representatives! If there’s a rally where you live…GO! We promise they’re more fun than going to a bar! Our immigration system has been terribly stupid and inhumane for years. Let’s get this done, for Mike and Emily.

– Adam (w/Jesse) [from Gainesville, FL]


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