Hey y’all,

Given the long time between posts, I figured I’d- in rare form- post something brief!

We’re in Florida! And we’ve got a fourth, our dear friend Lake, along with us for awhile! We’re currently staying at a fancy abode with our friend Jen in Port Orange, near Daytona. We’ve had a couple of uncharacteristically chilly nights, but the 80-degree sun is on the way and we’re ready for it! We even swam in the ocean and the water was… WARM.


As camping and general bummin’ about will be made easier by the weather, we ought to have much more time to not only bask in the rays, but also reflect and read and write about all that reflecting.

I will tell you(s) this. So far, we have been inundated with possibility, are repeatedly drenched in kindness, and remain generally bubbling over with enjoyment about a life with no jobby-jobs, no money (save for a few buskin’ bucks), and nowhere else to be except that ever-elusive, yet now seemingly more tangible, present tense.

Of course challenges are ahead of us, and the world isn’t all goodies and gumdrops. But certainly, there’s a great deal of goodness. And I, more than ever, believe that if we take the time to realize it in each other, if we live in a way as to bring it forth from each other, if we give time and space for understanding, that the world will be full of more goodness than we might dare to bet is possible. Certainly, it is at the least possible for us to, in our own realities, forge our own worlds where, whether it be in line with or in spite of societal norms, our dreams may flourish and we may live them out.


PS Food, in the United States, is not in short supply. We (as a society) throw out almost as much as we (in our society) actually eat. We (the four of us) have yet to experience hunger or hardship even close to resembling that of Somalians.


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